Marine Conveyancing

Overseas Yachts offer a complete Global Marine Conveyancing Service which gives you a 100% safe conveyancing process when selling and/or purchasing a yacht from any brokers marketing and/or a private owners online advert, from literally anywhere on the globe!

This has now worked very well with several of our International Clients (which have indeed landed on our desks at several different stages) and is now becoming more & more popular due to all the benefits utilised by our well educated international clients. Just a few of the main plus points you will benefit from are as follows:


  • The selling owners & yachts identity will be verified & established. – (To rule our all online Cat Fishing & Scams etc..)


  • You will have all the contracts, legal paperwork, current flag/registration and EU VAT status looked into properly with no ‘if’s and but’s’ allowed throughout, which will give you both a full paperwork/statement trail during the purchase/sale. This will of course allow her to be re-sold far more easily for the new owners in the years to come.


  • Her realistic re-sale & popularity values will be assessed, while taking into account the included inventory, current condition, ownership history, engine hours, service history, age of the yacht, ownership history, EU VAT Status, current registration/Flag  and any chartering history etc… while of course taking into account the new owners sailing and re-sale plans in years to come.


  • Full search and/or viewing assistance can be provided or we can just provide our OY Professional Global Marine Conveyancing Service from a private deal that has been agreed on Facebook, Apollo duck, Boats & Outboards, Yacht Market etc.. etc.. without OY’s marketing assistance. This is of course when the all important dedicated & 100% safe International Marine conveyancing process is required by both parties at a much cheaper rate than using an un-interested & expensive hourly charging lawyer from somewhere!


  • Full & professional negotiating service will be provided with all the International and/or private sellers/buyers accordingly, which normally ends up with several extra’s included, along with a fair price agreed at the end..


  • Overseas Yacht 100% safe Escrow Accounts are all set up and are already being used in – Sterling, Euro’s and/or USD as required for all nationalities & agreements.


  • Full & realistic outcomes will be explained/suggested with the survey results and a reasonable way to approach them will be advised accordingly, which can of course get ‘tricky’ at the best of times for both parties but we always a find through with fair agreements.


  • The final contract will be drawn up for both parties to agree and sign. At this stage we can then move forwards to the final stages of the conveyancing with cancelling & renewing her flag/registration, handing over the original documents & keys, cancelling insurances & putting new insurances in place, sending the final funds to the old owner from the OY escrow account and of course organising that all important final handover together with Beer/Gin & smile in hand! 🙂 



  • We NOW only charge a simple and UPFRONT FIXED FEE (on-top of ANY final agreed price for the yacht) this fee is now a very LOW fixed conveyancing fee when you both choose Overseas Yachts. – (Very similar to the way a solicitor will  conveyance a purchase/sale of a house for a fixed fee)  


  • Our UPFRONT FIXED FEE has always been made back for both parties and we have not lost any funds while holding Millions in escrow as time rolls on!


(Please feel free to contact us and we will of course explain how this works very well for both parties, with no unreliable & often restricted 3rd party agreement/s required from other Int. brokers and/or private owners from anywhere on the globe!..) 


There are also so many other benefits when you use our dedicated Overseas Yachts Marine conveyancing Service and we are of course very willing to answer your detailed questions, if you are ever looking for affordable global selling and/or purchasing assistance.

For further feedback & many testimonials particularly from our number 1 blogging clients, please feel free to ask Ryan & Brittany how we helped them get going on the water (All the way from Australia to Croatia!) with their new yacht ‘Sailing Sunday’ which can all be found here for everyone:

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