Purchasing Service

Overseas Yachts offer a complete professional purchasing service which gives you ‘the inside track’ when purchasing a yacht from any broker or private owner anywhere on the globe. This has now worked very well with several International Clients and is becoming very popular due to all the benefits utilised & benefited from by our well researched international purchasing client/s.

 Just a few of the main plus points you will benefit from are as follows:

  1. You will have all the legal paperwork conveyed correctly with no ‘if’s and but’s’ allowed from the sellers throughout giving you a full paperwork trail during the purchase and will enable you to re-sell her more easily in the future.
  2. Realistic re-sale & popularity values will be assessed, while taking into account the inventory, current condition, ownership history, engine hours and age of the yacht etc… while taking into account your own planned usage etc…
  3. Full searching and viewing support will be given when the short list/s come down to a sensible number to look into detail, before offers are considered and/or suggested together..
  4. Full & professional negotiating service will be provided with all the International and/or private sellers accordingly, which normally ends up with several extra’s included, along with a sensibly reduced price for you..
  5. Full & realistic outcomes will be explained/suggested with the survey results and a reasonable way to approach them will be advised accordingly, which can of course get ‘tricky’ at the best of times, remembering we can always walk away & find the next one, which is always an option and has not been avoided in the past!
  6. We charge a simple and upfront fee (on-top of the final agreed price for the yacht) this fee is indeed determined by the price of yacht you have chosen to purchase with Overseas Yachts. – This fee has always been made back for our clients through the achieved extra’s & the strong overall discount achieved throughout the whole deal. We will explain how this set up works very well for both parties, with no unreliable & often restricted 3rd party agreement/s required from other Int. brokers and/or private owners from anywhere on the globe!..

There are many other benefits when you purchase a yacht in partnership with Overseas Yachts and we are of course very willing to answer your detailed questions, if you are looking for assistance with the complications integral in international legal purchasing processes.

For further feedback & many testimonials particularly from our number 1 blogging clients, please feel free to ask Ryan & Brittany how we helped them get going on the water (All the way from Australia to Croatia!) with their new yacht ‘Sailing Sunday’ which can all be found and watched here:

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